Our Mission

At Afroprime charity we have one mission, which is to bridge the educational gap created by poverty in Nigeria. We believe that all children are entitled to exceptional educational experiences that should not be inhibited by their economic status.

Our Story

Afroprime aims to address this issue by providing supplementary necessities, which is required to enhance educational experiences and create a conducive environment suitable for learning.


Afroprime targets student who are from low-income background by providing school uniforms, equipment inevitably reducing their financial burden. We also aim to find avenues to link them with work experience and job opportunities in their local community and beyond. In addition, we support teachers by providing trainings and educational equipments necessary to provide exceptional experiences for the students. 

Our Values

As we are called to serve, we too are children of God’s Kingdom. Our values are founded on Christian principles which play a vital role in our conduct, operation and interaction with the people we serve, our donors, volunteers and partners.


We conduct all of our activities with very high moral and ethical standards.


Our pledge is to be effective in our outreach to those in need by being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.


As part of our culture, we execute our programmes with complete openness and honesty.


We are committed to excellence in the quality of food we serve and our attitude of service.


We value all of the people we serve and we are passionate about impacting their lives positively.

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