Appearance, Wellbeing and Aftercare

Statistics shows student's appearance can influence their behavioural pattern in classes

Quality Education

We believe that all students are entitled to exceptional educational experiences

No to Poverty

We support local communities through the use of local vendors

Our Impact


We work closely with an array of school and teachers in order to develop and implement appropriate strategies to improve educational experiences

Free Uniforms

We provide free school uniform for students in order to alleviate the financial burdens from parents.


We encourage development for both teachers and students by providing educational and recreational books to enhance capacity

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Afroprime charity, we truly thank you for giving us this gift of uniform, thank you

Nchukwu Emanuela


I thank Afroprime charity, thank you for giving me this school uniform

Farooq Ahmed


Our Success highlights

Free school uniforms

Books donated

Students on Scholarship

Donate to Afroprime Charity

 £7 NGN 3,150

provides a set of uniform for student

£90 NGN 54,000

provides scholarship for one student

Miscalleneous donations

e.g. books, shoes etc.

Let's work together

We value our partners and their contribution towards helping us achieve our goals. Afroprime Charity welcomes the opportunity to partner with your organization as well. To find out more, contact us.

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